We Students

BSDC ha avuto il piacere di collaborare con WeStudents nei mesi di aprile e maggio 2018. La startup ha lanciato il proprio prodotto pochi giorni fa e ha riscosso fin da subito un gran successo.


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Rolling Pandas

BSDC annuncia che ha avuto il piacere di collaborare con Rolling Pandas (rollingpandas.it) per un progetto di consulenza digitale tra l’aprile e il maggio 2018. La start-up tutta italiana, fondata dall’ex bocconiano Andrea Spaggiari, mira a massimizzare il suo vantaggio first-mover come marketplace di viaggi.


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Partnership with DailyInternship

BSDC is very happy to announce that we are officially partners of DailyInternship.
The association has now its own page on the DailyInternship website through which we can be directly contacted by companies. Moreover, BSDC associates have the possibility to subscribe to DailyInternship personalized offers, in order to be contacted directly when they match a internship position from a partner company.
This is an unique opportunity for the association and its associates and we are very excited to be part of it.

In-Company Visit at Cisco

Last Friday (13/04/2018) a small cohort of members of Bocconi Students for Digital Consulting had the chance to visit the Cisco Headquarters in Vimercate, Italy. 
This amazing experience opened the eyes of the students on the new technologies for smart working, from video conferences to new systems to implement remote working between employees of the same company located all around the world. Moreover, the two hosts of the Company Visit, Luca Airola and Diego Zucca showed the students the new concept of “connected meeting rooms”. These rooms, equipped with screens and smart cameras that follow the speaker in a meeting pull down all the geographical barriers, allow managers to be always connected but not leaving their office. 
“It was a great opportunity for us to get to know some of the innovation Cisco has implemented to simplify communication among users” – says Linda – “It was also inspiring to hear all the projects Cisco is working on day by day to lead digital transformation in Italy.

Thank you Cisco!


The Shark-Fin Effect: the Alternative Adoption Process for Digital Disruptive Products

Innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards. These are the five phases of the well-known model for technological adoption proposed by Rogers. The process, which can be represented with a bell-shaped curve, however, assumes that nothing will hinder the diffusion of the technology.

Nowadays, many industries have been affected by the introduction of disruptive products and technologies, which revolutionized the way of carrying out business. The Rogers’ model may be hardly applicable in this context: some products did not complete their cycles as they were stopped by disruptive innovations.

In the digital era, this model is hence no longer valid, and we need a new one. Paul Nunes, Global Managing Director at the Accenture’s Institute for High Performance described his alternative, which he called the Shark-Fin Effect.

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